Thoughtful Business Succession

Our sole purpose is to acquire and operate a single,
great business to preserve and grow its legacy.


We are a partnership backing Adrian Lutteroth, a dedicated entrepreneur who aims to grow a company and create a positive impact. It is essential to ensure the right fit between us and the current owners - someone with aligned values and a similar vision for the future of the business.

What We Look For

A B2B service or tech-enabled company based in the U.S. with annual revenues of $5-20 million, mostly recurring in nature, a track record of profitable growth, and an owner motivated to sell either partially or completely.

We look to pay competitively through a straightforward transaction process.

Our Team

Boulder Field is a team of over 20 business owners and investors with first-hand experience acquiring and successfully managing small and medium businesses. These partners have committed their time and money to fully support Adrian and the business to be acquired.

Boulder Field’s Metaphor

We are searching for one company that is just the right size – not too big, like mountains, or too small, like rocks. This boulder-sized business must have the perfect balance of stability and growth potential, and we are dedicated to finding that hidden gem.